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You are NOSI.

I launched NOSI Music in 2006 as a digital music publishing platform. The mission was to promote nascent music talent from the global underground music scene that I was networking with on my DJ gigs in NY and around the world. NOSI isn’t about quantity or hype. It’s about building an aesthetic from the ground up. To develop a cadre of talent that will continue to spur the future of dance music culture around the world. From our first release in the mid 00’s, the label become synonymous with the recent Brooklyn techno and house music renaissance. Our club night called NO REQUESTS quickly set a new tone in a city with an ear for fun. Like our music, NOSI events are vibrant, artist-focused, and a place to make friendships that will last a lifetime. I believe the label’s true purpose is to connect artists, listeners, dancers and DJs; as one nation under an electronic groove.