Mezcal San Cosme


MEZCAL san cosme > from Oaxaca with love

Mezcal San Cosme. I began importing Mezcal San Cosme to the United States in early 2018 and am now serving as Brand Manager for the US. I brokered the deal to bring the spirit to market in New York City. We’re now in the process of launching the product nationally through a series of music events and pop-up tasting experiences. The following is the copy I wrote that has become part of the bottle’s official label: “Inside each bottle of Mezcal San Cosme is a journey waiting to be discovered. Here is where tradition blends with the modern to distill ancient mystery into a spirit handcrafted by wisdom. Made from 100% Espadin agave, this artisanal wonder is brought to you in limited batches from Oaxaca with love.”

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