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I met Alexi Delano in 2009 when we played together at the infamous island festival called Sunjam. We both lived in Brooklyn and shared mutual friends in the underground scene there. After several years of friendship and appearing on NOSI Music, Alexi asked me to join AD Limited as Label Director. Since joining the team, I’ve been marketing and distributing the label’s music online and on vinyl, building it’s global reputation as a destination for techno music aficionados from around the world.


"AD Limited is a personal platform for music that catches my ear, mind, and soul" – Alexi Delano, Founder.

AD Limited is more than a personal project for a titan of the techno genre. The label is a physical manifesto of the sounds, sights, and senatorial experiences that have defined the nearly 20-year musical career of the label’s namesake, Alexi Delano. The eponymous label has enjoyed wide appeal among the in-the-know Brooklyn-to-Berlin underground types for years. But now, in an industry struggling to stay true to its underground ethos, AD Limited stands apart as a destination for the artists and audiences of the future. After a six-year hiatus the label came back with renewed vigor. Backed by an international cadres of veteran producer and nascent artists, AD Limited is what underground music needs now more than ever.